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The Google Maps API is more than just a map. It's also about the global community of developers who create amazing applications.

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Mapping Thailand

In Bangkok, Thailand we met with the co-founder of Computerlogy, Vachara Aemavat. Computerlogy is a Google Maps API development shop. Among their many great projects, they have built a store locator for Siam Commercial Bank and a viral maps app that helps people find high ground during the Thai flood seasons.

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Helping Africa's environment

In Nairobi, Kenya, we met with Mark de Blois and Bernadette Ndege. Upande has created a variety of geospatial solutions using Google Maps and Earth for a diverse range of business clients, UN organizations, Government, Non-Governmental Organizations and the public sector. Upande project Virtual Kenya is an online geospatial platform to visualize and share data about Kenya.

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Making maps for Germany's biggest brands

In Hamburg, Germany, a workshop of developers, designers, and creative collaborators are hard at work building Google Maps powered projects for some of Germany's largest global brands.

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Helping people find a home in Brazil

In Sao Paulo, Brazil we met with Epungo founders André Tannús and Rodrigo Hanashiro. Epungo is real estate startup that is making waves in the Brazilian real estate market with their well designed site. We met up with the founders at their global headquarters (also known as their apartment living room).

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Finding Places in Latin America

In Sao Paulo, we met with Kekanto co-founder, Alla Kajimoto. Kekanto is a popular ratings and recommendations startup based in Sao Paulo that serves all of Latin America.

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The Google Maps API is more than a map for your apps. Explore demos of unique features that you can use in your apps today!

For the last decade, we've obsessed over building great maps—maps that are comprehensive, accurate, and easy to use.

Street View is like visiting a place without being there. Your app can also embed fully interactive Google Street View panoramas.

Engage your visitors with vivid imagery. High resolution global Satellite and 45° imagery adds a whole new perspective.

With more than 95 million places globally, served up and quick and fresh, the Google Places API adds location context to your apps.

In a car, on a bike, on foot, or riding a subway, help users find the best route. Use elevation profiles and live traffic to guide the way.

Data visualization is at the heart of the Google Maps API. Bring your maps to life with symbols, heatmaps, and more.